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With the growth of Blazing Curves, Kathy Blaze Jefferson is well becoming ago to person for plus-size women, encouraging people to feel confident, love  their bodies and be the best healthy they can be no matter what society thinks of them.  In 2014, Blazing Curves presented one of the largest plus size show’s in Arizona as a part of the premier event FAB Weekend. This event had designers and models from other states participating and in attendance with a wide array of fashionistas. 

We are delighted to share this opportunity to extend to our community by showcasing and providing a platform for  curvy women and men to have the opportunity to open up and express their love for fashion by attending the only Plus Size event in Arizona that is dedicated to the fuller figured individual. Our event has been created to satisfy the demand of plus-size fashion, whist allowing plus-size designers and retailers the chance to be seen by new buyers and interact with their consumers.

We are dedicated to Plus-Size fashion. We aim to ENHANCE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER and SUPPORT the Arizona plus-size industry by connecting the dots between the retailers, designers and consumers.

Kathy Blaze Jefferson an Arizona native, C0-founder and producer of Fashion, Art and Beauty Weekend and is the CEO of Blazing Curves productions. A tenacious woman, actress, plus size model and Entrepreneur. She started her career by modeling and while modeling she became immersed into the world of acting. Her career has brought her enjoyment of modeling on many runways for designers and producing her own shows. She has also appeared in several Independent feature film and theatre work. Her goal is to give other Curvy, Full-figured entertainers a platform to showcase their talent. The aim is to provide training, development and promoting Fashion, Beauty and Art related events. Kathy has been a supporter of the plus industry since she caught the modeling bug herself. Besides business she wears many hats: A daughter, sister and mother and guardian for others.

Blazing Curves has a mission to empower, build confidence and work with full-figured entertainers to become the best of the best, through image consulting, training, workshops and team building, while giving the full-figured entertainer a platform to showcase their talents in their chosen field. Blazing Curves will have a strong focus on plus size business opportunities, growing the Blazing Curves brand and connecting with other brands, individuals in the industry.